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Golf Cart Tires

Golf Cart Tires in Oxnard, CA

Pick Up New Golf Cart Tires Today

Does your golf cart need new tires? If the answer is yes, contact Cogg's Tire Service, Inc.. We have a wide selection of golf cart tires in stock from the industry’s top brands. Whether you use your cart on the links or around the yard, we have what you need.

Not sure how to choose the right tread pattern or type of tire for your golf cart? At Cogg's Tire Service, Inc., we take time to help customers like you in Oxnard, CA, Santa Barbara County, CA, Ventura County, CA, and surrounding areas choose the right golf cart tires. 

Find the Best Golf Cart Tire

Our knowledgeable staff is available to talk with you about the different types of tires available for your golf cart make and model, from street-legal to off-road. We'll help you choose the right tires for your application.

Golf Cart Tire Guide

The three major types of golf cart tires are turf/street, knobby/off-road, and all-terrain. The best tire for your golf cart depends on where you drive it and how fast you drive it.

    Turf or Street Tires

    This is the standard tire for most factory golf carts you see on the course. Turf tires are designed to move over the grass without tearing up the ground. In addition to the golf course, turf tires (also known as street tires) are good on smooth, paved roads. Keep in mind that you won't be able to take your golf cart tire on the highway if it's rated NHS (Non Highway Service). If you need a tire that handles high speed rotation and heavier loads for highway travel, look for a highway rated tire made for the job.

    Knobby or Off-Road Tires

    Knobby tires are similar to ATV or quad tires. Each golf cart tire in this category features a distinct tread pattern that optimizes golf cart performance in mud, sand, wooded areas, and other rough areas. While off-road tires won't provide you with a comfortable ride, they give you greater utility on tough terrain. It's not recommended to use the knobby tire on the street or lawn. They work great with lifted golf carts and are the perfect pick for campers, hunters, and farmers.

    All-Terrain Tires

    The all-terrain tire is a hybrid between the turf tire and the knobby tire. All-terrain golf cart tires handle some off-road use while retaining a more grass friendly tread than knobby golf cart tires. This makes them an ideal solution for anyone who likes to use the golf course but still needs their golf cart for some light off-roading.

There are different tread patterns within each category, ranging from completely smooth to paddled.

Golf Cart Tire Maintenance

Golf cart tires share a lot of similarities to your passenger car or light truck tires. One similarity is maintenance. It's important to check the tire pressure regularly and stay within the speed rating of your golf cart tire.

When your golf cart needs tires, visit Cogg's Tire Service, Inc.. We offer high quality tires for all types of golf carts. From tires designed for light use on the golf course, to tires made for durable, off-road carts trekking through the woods, we help with it all. Our inventory features great brands at affordable prices.

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